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由Jct7548編輯: 3/12/2020 6:36:08 PM


The charge time for the handheld supernova is absolutely TERRIBLE! The grenade in its current state is not usable or even a viable option in PVP. Compared to the instant Knife throw that the Hunter has and the effortless way that all titans have to do is run to get one shot kill with their shoulder, This is not balanced whatsoever. YOU CANT MAKE IT TAKE FOREVER TO GET THE GRNADE CHARGED AND ALSO HAVE IT NOT BE ABLE TO BE HELD FOR LONG , You have to choose one or the other, Do you already shorten the range, tightened the bolts or horizontal radius, AND Added self damage , COME ON , can we like do a Nerf at a time and not six on the warlock Jesus!! So seriously please take the charge time and make it regular so that it can actually be utilized and not just forgotten like every other thing you destroy! FIX THE INITIAL CHARGE TIME. YOU NERFED IT NOW MAKE IT USABLE



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