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3/12/2020 8:06:18 AM

Chaos Reach? Chaos Screech!

For the sake of improvement and usability, the Chaos Reach super has been changed. With the launch of Forsaken, we got many new subclasses, and I'd imagine to many Guardians, the Attunement of Control was the coolest of the bunch due mostly to the super and its insane visuals. Made most obvious in Crucible, the super obscured your view to the point where you would cancel your super early not to save energy, but so you could just see WTF was happening in front of you. But it was nonetheless still badass. In my personal opinion, the Chaos Reach visuals given to us in Season of the Worthy are boring compared to the previous visuals. Sure, they let you see, but at what cost? From a planet-destroying laser to a bathroom stall stream. Weak.



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