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3/11/2020 11:51:42 PM
As ridiculous of a degree that Bungie seems to have overreacted, one reason might be that, considering that their mods are entirely volunteer (as I understand it, “Ninjas” are all volunteer, and none are paid employees), they have no consistent method or system of policing the forums. I read from a user recently that they (the user) received death threats. With religion and politics being the most heated of topics, heated because many within today’s first world society, like I said before, has the tendency to lack the resolve to handle opposing ideas, let alone being wrong, in a civil way. Perhaps Bungie is simply doing away with said topics altogether to avoid liability. The easy method, though obviously not the best one, is to just do away with the freedom altogether. But then again, Bungie’s modus operandi, as demonstrated by the way they manage their current game, is mediocrity of effort.



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