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3/11/2020 8:22:35 PM

Thundercrash: is it in a good state now?

I think it's in a good state now.


I think it still needs more work.


Boom (results)


After almost 2 years, thundercrash at least to me, feels like its finally in a state where I can feel comfortable using it. The super does the damage it should have done from the very beginning and after many long months of waiting, it finally does that, or very close to the bar I wanted it to reach. The control of the super is also completely in your own hands, because now you no longer get forced into the ground half way through your duration and you don't slow down to a walking speed near the end (although you still slow down, just not nearly as much). The neutral still leaves a little to be desired, but the simple change of letting the charged melee activate inertia override goes a long way for this skill tree as a whole. It's still not the most synergistic, but it's a step in the direction that it needed and has needed for a LONG time. Overall, it feels like code of the missile is finally a skill tree that can deliver power while being explosively mobile at the same time, something it half delivered on both parts previously due to it's incredibly mediocre super damage and its contradictory, but very salvageable for different activities, neutral game. But this is just my opinion on it, what do you guys think?



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