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3/6/2020 7:13:27 PM

I wish a few more titan exotics got buffed.

I was a little surprised at the list of buffs titans got to their exotics and I'm not necessarily disappointed, because severance, mk. 44 and ashen wake should all be much better now, but there are some I wish got tuned as well (also why wasn't the stronghold rework on there). Like khepri's horn, mask of the quiet one, aeon trash, and maybe armamentarium. Khepri's horn is an exotic designed for pve and it's honestly not that bad, but I feel like they could make it a more threatening pvp exotic by increasing the fire wave damage from 100 to 120, increase fire wave travel speed speed, and increase the horizontal and vertical hit box of the move. Also fixing it to where it comes back even if it hits a wall would be nice (sometimes it just hits the wall and dies). Mask of the quiet one could grant like 20 shields after the full health recovery is activated (full health meaning the critical bar, also I'm not saying to grant an over shield, just restore some shields). Then maybe grant 10% ability energy when you do get the health part to activate. So you'll get ability energy for taking damage, restore the health bar, 20 shields, and 10% ability energy when you get a kill while critical. This will make it so much better. Poor aeon, so bad I honestly don't even know what to do with it to make it good. The titans bonus is melee energy but maybe your allies can give out an additional bonus based on the class. Like 20% titan melee damage, 20% warlock grenade damage and +20 (2 tiers) to hunter mobility for like 5 seconds. Something like that could work...maybe. As for armamentarium, I think it's a fine exotic but there is a little room for improvement as double grenades isn't always the most enticing thing to have, especially if you don't have a way to regenerate it. Maybe it grants like...+16 to discipline like how they gave apotheosis veil +16 to intellect. Just a little tweak to make it a more useful option. Also, let me make myself clear: I am in no way saying that the other 2 classes shouldn't get exotic buffs nor am I saying the titan deserves the buffs more. Just giving my opinion on the class I play the most.



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