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由DrCornwallace42編輯: 3/6/2020 10:24:13 AM

So all of these buffs and nerfs to exotics except...

THE STAG! As a warlock main it’s sad to see this helmet forgotten. I was thoroughly excited to see what exotic armor pieces were getting tuned. I thought they couldn’t really rework exotics but then I see Sanguine Alchemy get a total revamp. I know why they did it but the fact that [i]did[/i] in fact do it means that exotics can get their perks completely redone. The Stag exotic Warlock helmets needs a total revamp to its perk so it can be used as an option. It’s such a nice helmet it sucks that it pretty much has zero viability [i]Current Perk[/i]: [b]Grants Rift energy when critically wounded, creates healing rift on death.[/b] I don’t mind where this helmet sees use but I would like a perk that could be an option in PvE or PvP. It’s currently exotic perk is too lackluster in comparison to the exotic we have right now #BringBackStag



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