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Subtle Calamity Archer's Tempo Bug

Pardon the very lengthy post. [b]The TL;DR is that Nezarec's Sin seems to break Archer's Tempo on the Subtle Calamity when the Abyssal Extractors buff is active, and [i]only[/i] for the Subtle Calamity, [i]not[/i] the Arsenic Bite or the Vow.[/b] [b]{[/b][i]I have a Subtle Calamity with Rampage + Archer's Tempo on it. I first started noting that Archer's Tempo wasn't going off on precision hits with a Rampage Spec mod applied to the bow. Upon further testing in the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars with different mods (including no mod, Boss/Major/Minor Spec, and every Black Armory mod), only Rampage Spec was found to "disable" Archer's Tempo on the bow.[/i][b]}–INVALIDATED[/b] Upon further investigation, this was found to not be the case. Without switching the mod from Quick Access Sling, and despite Archer's Tempo going off moments prior with QAS slotted, the perk proceeded to fail to function as expected, regardless of precision hits. Further testing may be necessary, but perhaps it is an intermittent bug (comes and goes as you use a bow) or it has some other cause not yet accounted for. [b]{[/b][i]More testing was done, involving equipping a different Energy weapon and then swapping back to the Calamity upon the perk ceasing to function, which reinstated its function to the expected functionality. Later, it seemed that a potential correlation was found – upon a non-precision hit landing on a target, regardless of if this is the first or the fiftieth arrow let loose since equipping the Calamity, Archer's Tempo ceases to function until the bow is unequipped and re-equipped. This was swiftly disproven by equip-cycling the bow, landing a body shot, and then proceeding to proc Archer's Tempo across several following precision hits.[/i][b]}–INVALIDATED[/b] Even further testing was promptly conducted between the aforementioned Subtle Calamity and the Vow. Upon noting that the Vow never seemed to have issues with Archer's Tempo, and the Calamity only seeming to start having issues upon multiple rapid kills with Nezarec's Sin equipped, the Exotic helmet was promptly removed. The Calamity proceeded to function exactly as expected, perks and all, until the helmet was re-equipped and Abyssal Extractors was active. Results seem to strongly indicate that the Abyssal Extractors buff is somehow the cause of forcing Archer's Tempo to fail to activate when expected on Subtle Calamity. This theory was checked against the Vow and an Arsenic Bite with Archer's Tempo, and both continued to function as normal with Abyssal Extractors active, so it appears that the only bow for which this is an issue is the only bow that can proc the helmet's buff itself – the Calamity.



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