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2/29/2020 8:54:09 PM

Top tree striker could use a bit of tuning.

Tl;dr: #1: grant more grenade energy on shoulder charge hits from about 20% to about 25%. #2: grant about 8-10% melee energy per grenade kill. #3: increase the base damage of the supers power attack (fist of havoc) when NOT making use of terminal velocity in pve. #4: increase the damage shoulder charge deals to the initial target in pvp from 209 to 240; increase damage done to nearby targets from 91 damage to 120 (shoulder charge has an initial damage hit and a secondary explosion that does not affect the initial target hit.) #5: increase the pvp damage of the supers power attack from 275 to 325 OR decrease the damage fall off of the aoe (this is to let it hit those pesky jump spamming hunters better and to make its horizontal kill range more consistent). Too short want to read (ts;wr): It's not a bad super or a bad skill tree. It offers good ability power through shoulder charge and double (more effective) grenades and the super itself has pvp shutdown capabilities and solid pve damage output/add clear. It, however, has also fallen a bit to the wayside due to a general LACK of tuning. It's not necessarily that bottom tree striker is too strong, but there are just more things you can do with it due to it's more polished design that makes top tree not very relevant. And after using it for so long I have some information to share as to why. #1: the neutral game synergy is there, but it's not the most effective. You get grenade energy per target hit by the shoulder charge which is really good, but it gives you maybe...20% (yeah it looks like 20%) per target, which isn't bad, but not the best. If it was about 25% I feel like it would have a little more impact on both pve and pvp as that's 1 less target you have to hit before you recharge a full grenade. #2: the neutral game could be a bit more synergistic. This is a similar thing as I said above where there is neutral game that's not bad, but I feel like it could be better. If killing targets with grenades gave like 8-10% melee energy I feel like it would become far more useful in pve as you could more consistently flip flop between the abilities it has that are being boosted. It doesn't need to be 8-10%, just something that restores melee a little. #3: the super is very...average and not for a good reason. It packs a lot of burst power into a short amount of time via fist of havoc but the max potential it offers is only about the same as every other melee mobile super, but unlike most other mobile supers, it has a mechanic you NEED to work with to do this. That perk is terminal velocity. Without it you do very bad damage (for those of you who might say "it's not a boss damage super," that's not what I'm talking about). 2 entire fist of havocs to kill a single orange health bar servitor on the edz during the servitor public event if you don't use terminal velocity. The same servitor dies to the sentinel 2 hit combo (I had clips of this for these two things I said, but they expired on xbox live I guess?). That is terrible as you can only do a max of 5 fist of havocs if you spam it mid air from start to finish (1 initial + 4 mid super IF you use terminal velocity). They need to tune the damage so that a fist of havoc does more base damage. #4: in pvp the shoulder charge itself isn't very unique. Sunbreakers does extra burn damage and melting point and sentinels suppresses people (sometimes). Strikers shoulder charge does...nothing. It's very basic in that it kills a single target and does aoe damage like the other 2 and so I feel like them increasing the damage it deals to both the initial target hit and the ones around them in crucible would help it out. Shoulder charge does about 209-210 damage in crucible and the secondary explosion (which does NOT kill full health guardians OR stack on damage to hurt the initial target) does about 91 damage. If it did about 240 damage to the initial target and 120 damage to surrounding enemies, I feel like it would be a more useful tool when enemies are bunched together and reduces the likelihood that light level advantage activities prevent strikers from killing their initial target (the warlock and hunters ohk abilities don't quite have this issue because they are overkill against a single target, doing 240+ damage). #5: the fist of havoc damage fall off is a bit too high/the damage is too low. In crucible, being a little more than half way in the radius of the fist of havoc will let enemies live on a bit of health. This could be improved by either increasing the base damage from 275 to about 325, or they reduce the splash damage fall off but keep the damage the same. And that should be about it. It just needs some fine tuning to make it a more cohesive and powerful skill tree. Right now it offers power, but theres not much synergy within the skill tree itself and so I wanted to change that a bit. The super itself also needs some really nice tuning to give it more overall power, which it should have as it seriously lacks efficiency.



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