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2/14/2020 7:54:16 PM

Bungie, please stop making titan helmets with built in can openers (its petty but its feedback)

I absolutely hate it when bungie designs cool armor but it has the stupid trash can lid style/can opener around the back of the helmet and neck. I know that's supposed to be there for a real world reason but it's just so damn ugly. For example I want to use this season's ornament helmet on something other than the set itself but since it has the extending "lid" on the back of the helmet, it just looks stupid. I know it's supposed to fit the armor but couldn't armor design be a bit more...flexible with other options? The year 1 Christmas helmet has like this thick extended neck and so unless I use something to cover it or match it, it will look stupid. Thank god the crucible armor from year 1 with the ornament has the feathers cover it up but it looks so bad when I swap chest pieces. So since most of this stuff really doesn't mix with other pieces very well I basically won't be using it. I like how my titan looks right now but i wish there was more armor that could blend with other pieces. Titan armor varies so much that mixing together pieces will make you look like a child's drawing where the body is a block and the arms and legs are puny, or you've got hulk arms and baby legs. This image fits so damn perfectly:



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