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2/14/2020 4:21:51 AM

Warlock tuning suggestions (crucible based).

I am not a warlock main and I don't have a whole lot of experience with the class itself. When I'm bored I will swap to my dress wearing, book reading nerd and when I do something always feels like it's missing when I use them in pvp. So I am going to give you my opinion of what I feel like could be tuned and how they could handle it. Please keep in mind there will not be any rework suggestions and when I say tuning that does not mean only buffs. Also I do not have the exact numbers on me so bear with me if I am wrong or if my suggestions are too vague. [b][u]Voidwalker:[/u][/b] [spoiler]Top tree/attunement of chaos (cataclysm nova bomb): 1. Slightly increase the charge speed of empowering your grenade (chaos accelerant). 2. Improve the tracking of empowered axion bolt and scatter grenade. 3. Adjust nova bomb tracking to lock on to closest target after the initial one is gone (this is so that if a hunter decides to roll around, the super doesn't just fly off into oblivion). 4. Slightly increase the time nova bomb travels at full speed before it slows down and starts tracking (so its activation). 5. Slightly increase the damage of bloom. Middle tree/attunement of fishing (nova warp): 1. Slightly increase the charge time of handheld super nova (this is a nerf to make its overall power a bit more balanced as it has multi kill power, a lot of excess damage and range). 2. Increase super base damage resistance to match the highest resistance supers (such as striker, sentinel, arc strider etc). 3. Slightly decrease the cost of teleporting in super to allow 16 dashes instead of 14. 4. Remove energy consumption increase on holding nova warp charge but increase the cost of the move (I want to keep the max number of fully charged explosions at 7 so tune that carefully). 5. Remove slow on charging the power attack, add slow to holding the charged blast after being fully charged after 1.5 seconds (I don't want to encourage holding the button over extended periods of time). 6. Decrease damage resistance back to it's current value if the fully charged attack is held for more than 1.5 seconds (same reasoning as #5). Bottom tree/attunement of hungry (vortex nova bomb): 1. Increase the blast radius of the nova bomb to be similar to top tree nova bombs (I said similar, not the same). 2. Increase the radius that the vortex covers. 3. I am unsure if this is how it functions, but if the devour melee does not kill a target, do not consume it (like top tree sentinel does, but again this might already be a function I'm just too lazy to test it). [/spoiler] [b][u]Stormcaller:[/u][/b] [spoiler]I am not going to touch top or bottom tree stormcaller as I don't have a whole lot of useful things to provide for it. Middle tree/You Fool! (Chaos reach): 1. Adjust angle of camera mid super to let you actually see. 2. Increase super damage resistance to 45% (up from 40%). 3. Slightly decrease the super energy saved from cancelling your super (I know people are going to boil me alive for this as chaos reach is NOT a problem at all, but I want to be careful in tuning it as the ionic traces do in fact give you super energy which is a game changer when you can save 20-25% of your super each activation, in a single match of comp on my friends account I nearly managed to get 4 supers across 5 rounds, 2 of them nearly back to back, I've never gotten more than 2 on either bottom tree sentinel or middle tree striker; to set the record straight just in case anybody tries to call me out for something I didnt do, I was on my friends account because I was at his house and only did 2 actual comp games). 4. Remove damage fall off on ball lightning and remove the slow after traveling a set distance (aoe melee + latency = hot trash and unless it always has a constant set damage it will always suck). [/spoiler] [b][u]Dawnblade:[/u][/b] [spoiler] General daybreak tuning: 1. Move all damage to blast radius (like they did with sunbreaker, move the damage to blast radius so that attacks connect more consistently). 2. Increase the velocity of daybreak with any glide equipped (I am ok with dawnblade going faster, but not it's original speeds of d1 titan skating levels and theres no reason it should only be with burst glide as this leaves no room for strafe, or if anyone uses it, balanced glide). 3. Adjust the effects of the fire projectile during daybreak to allow for better vision while attacking (I can't always see where I'm attacking with it). Top tree is currently ok and with the above changes it should be pretty solid. Middle tree is perfectly fine as Bottom tree/attunement of fizzle (dawnblade 2, crap boogaloo): 1. Increase the damage of the "deadly flames" that contact the ground caused by the super. 2. Getting solar ability kills grants you and nearby allies faster ability regen for a short time (I believe it was called song of flame from d1, just slap this onto everlasting fire). [/spoiler] Please don't cook my ass alive if they aren't to your liking, these are just my thoughts.



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