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2/10/2020 9:20:23 PM

Novawarp still needs work

Ahh Novawarp, We have seen this Super at the top of the warlocks pvp arsenal and and the bottom of the warlocks pvp arsenal. Where it’s at now is OK , but very far from perfect. The big issues I have stem around the amount of time the super lasts combined with the constant draining of the super bar every time dark blink is used. Dark blink is essential to successfully attack with NW, Now If my dark blink is my main viable option for closing the gap and getting in attacking distance but it takes large chunks every blink in addition to the super draining faster than other mobile supers , THEN I have to actually charge the nova for attack, and if it’s another super user it takes 2 full charges to kill. It’s ridiculously more difficult to use than any other super in the game. Hands down. The is no spam the button like spec blades or striker, it’s charge is slower than golden gun , hammers, blades , maul slams, EVERYTHING, AND IT NEEDS 2 FULL CHARGE BLASTS TO KILL OTHER SUPERS. It’s just not balanced, I’m not saying make the super OP like it was in the beginning, and I’m glad for the improvements we did eventually get, But this one needs to get some more love . Oh DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT NOVAWARP IN PVE. absolutely useless. Almost every other option is 100% better. If you wanna see what I mean try using Novawarp on a boss for damage LOL. Not very good for minor enemies either, It stems from the original issue I addressed , The super will run out before you even get half the kills a different roaming super would. And it struggles ultras smh. Here’s hoping guardians , Have a good day everyone!



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