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Sentinel Shield Blocking Bugs

I'm here to shine some light on some issues I have encountered while playing the Sentinel subclass trees since the launch of Forsaken to now. This post may be kind of long, so I'll put a Tl;dr at the bottom. The following link is to a post relating to this issue I made earlier last year - [url][/url]. To summarize that post, Sentinel shield block's active super energy drops extremely quickly when being hit by a machine gun of any kind. This can obviously be a major threat to a Titan's safety mid-super by effectively negating one of it's abilities, effectively making it so that you would be safer tanking the shots with your head rather than with your shield. It's not a huge issue for me personally as I don't play PvP if I can avoid it, but I can imagine this issue would be the cause for much confusion and frustration in more PvP oriented activities. Another issue that I find to be [b]very[/b] annoying is an odd interaction between the Titan gauntlets Ursa Furiosa and the Warlock super Well of Radiance. This issue came to light back during the release of heroic Menagerie during the Hydra boss fight. I was instructed to block using Banner Shield to protect my team from incoming harpy seekers while they shot the boss from a well of radiance. I had equipped the Ursa gauntlets so that I would have better shield uptime for each damage phase and was very confused when after blocking dozens of high level harpy seekers, I received [b]zero [/b] super energy in return. I took this issue to a more controlled environment and got the same result. My guess is that the Ursa exotic ability understands the shield as a health bar. When the shield takes damage, the gauntlets see a bar showing damage received go up. However, when the Titan is standing inside a Well of Radiance, it thinks that the damage previously received has been healed in some way. This could be a possible explanation as to why there are no returns on super energy; because the gauntlets think that no damage was taken in the first place. I'll finish this off with just a couple smaller issues that I've noticed, although less often. The first of which is that sentinel shield takes huge amounts of damage for vortex-like effects. This includes the Novabomb black hole and the Sunbreaker Burning Maul heavy attack. This may not be an unintended effect but I though I should put it in anyway. Another is the Warlock super Chaos Reach does absolutely zero damage to a Titan blocking with Banner Shield. Having a huge energy blast do absolutely nothing to an enemy is a real killjoy and I think it should be looked at. That's all I have to say in this bug report. I sincerely hope that Bungie takes a look at the issues listed in this post when they have some free time after patching Telesto for the 12th time this year, as little things like these really discourage me from playing the Sentinel subclass as much as I would like to. Thank you for reading through this post. Tl;dr - Well of Radiance negates the effects of Ursa Furiosa, Sentinel Shield block has some very odd interactions with different attacks.



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