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2/9/2020 11:35:15 PM

A tweak to top tree striker.

Top tree striker boasts a powerful damage based neutral game with shoulder charge and double nades but it also gives you a more limited but powerful version of fist of havoc. I like how this skill tree feels for neutral and the super itself doesn't have many issues but if there was just one thing I could adjust (besides the crap damage you do without terminal velocity) would be the efficiency of the super itself. So as of currently you can do a light attack 7 times and if you spam fist of havoc mid air you can get 4 additional fist of havocs (only 3 if spammed on ground but very close to a 4th) after the initial one which is a fine number of attacks but it's all very spammy and it doesn't leave you a lot of room to use these more effectively because it burns through your super so fast. So I'll give some numbers for this based on my testing and experience for an example: Light attack = 14.2-14.0% super energy per input Heavy attack on ground = 31-32% super energy per attack Heavy attack in air = 31-42% but since terminal velocity stops your energy drain mid air when doing a heavy attack, it let's you scrape out 4 of them vs 3. So how I would adjust it would be like this: Light attack = 13% Heavy attack = 28% So what this change would do, is give top tree fist of havoc one additional light attack and will give it the ability to use 4 fist of havocs on ground if used quickly and while used in air it will grant a bit more time to space these out. These numbers are likely not exact because this is not factoring in super drain due to duration but I hope my idea gets across even if the numbers aren't correct. I would like a bit more time energy to use the fist of havoc attack more effectively and with an additional light attack on the table it will give it very slightly more breathing room for gap closing in crucible.



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