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116 is that thundercrash buff?

[quote]Increased base damage from 2,700 to 3,200 Increased in-flight damage from 100 to 200 Slightly increased the amount of time you have in the air after activation.[/quote] What am I supposed to do with not even a 20% damage increase? Is this a crucible buff if so like actually why? Did people's constant complaints about how weak it was in pve mean nothing? Watch. 3200÷2700=1.185. That's not even 19%. What the actual hell kind of a difference is that going to make? The forsaken pve boss damage it did against Kali was ~140k, with a 20% buff its only 174k and not even 200k with the aftershocks being calculated in. A single nova bomb does 310k with forsaken numbers. Bottom tree would do about 297k-300k with the current buffs. A single chaos reach did 270k and it also charges fairly quickly. I'm so very disappointed. Like I cannot express just how much I anticipated a buff for it to be nothing but a joke. You guys might as well not even touched it. Edit: To clarify for all of you, I don't want it to deal nova bomb damage. I wanted at the minimum 40% and at the maximum 50% for a damage increase. I'm ok with it being the weakest one off super, but there's no reason it should be by such a large margin. Even a 40% buff in terms of forsaken numbers only puts it at about 210k, which is still 60k weaker than chaos reach and I'm perfectly fine with that, but it got the second lowest possible increase it could've gotten and the numbers you can calculate don't inspire any form of confidence. Champions will still live, boss damage will still be bad and it's got no practical neutral game besides the super regen, but other supers have faster super regen and still do more substantial why did they hold back now? I get I'm being hasty...but it's just so insulting. So many people know it's weak as hell in pve and a 20% buff isn't going to change that. Maybe this is just for crucible and not pve afraid to believe in that possibility because I know it will just make me angry again if I do so. I'm sorry to the people I have responded to in a poor manner, I was excited for what is going to be essentially nothing and if it were anything more substantial than what they have shown I would not have been angry. Edit 2: To clarify for all of the people thinking I'm trying to make this a boss damage super, I am not. I specifically used boss damage numbers to give people a grasp of the difference in damage between it and it's competitors, but me doing so isn't for the purpose of making it a boss damage super but rather to give it closer kill power to them. Thundercrash is not that good for taking care of ultra style enemies and that creates a problem when a lot of Destiny content is now putting things like champions on us. Why would I use a one off super to take out only half of its health and that also leaves me incredibly vulnerable afterwards when I could use any other titan mobile super and guarantee it dies and then possibly killing extra enemies as well while making it significantly harder for me to die? It's an "add clear super" that is not reliable for taking out tougher enemies that NEED to die and that's what you save a super like this for and this buff isn't going to assist it all that much at specifically doing that. Maybe it is a PvP oriented super, but this doesn't change my argument at all.



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