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1/25/2020 6:49:43 AM

Crow's Nest

Its been a day, without a Vanguard Hunter rep it would seem Zavala has us doing double patrols and missions. Today I was tasked with investigating Fallen activity on Titan, there's some strange things going on over there. Nevertheless my tail tonight is not about my adventure I must proclaim the actions of a Titan on Titan. King Dragon the 52nd of his name took on 2 tanks and a whole Fallen Company unit all by himself not sure if it was gallantry, bravery or to many crayons. By the time I arrived he had gone through 3 scorched cannons and down to the last bit of ammo on the fourth, His symmetry ammo depleted, he pulls out the freshest sidearm I have ever seen, not sure the name if it but one could see 14 emblazoned on its side, now I'm not saying he any Saint 14 but he sure looked the part, all I'm saying Crows is today I saw a Titan win one for Titan. A Crow Knows To be Continued...



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