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1/29/2020 4:38:32 PM

Initial Thoughts on the Server Performance After the Shenanigans the Other Day (pretty good on my end so far)

These are my initial thoughts so far and are subject to change depending on how the servers perform over the week. So, compared to last week where I was getting error codes left and right and the weeks before that where they just happened here and there every day, it looks like after the emergency maintenance finished and a couple of odd things that happened while the servers warmed back up, things are doing alright. After the emergency maintenance finished and the servers eventually came back online, I had one CLOUDBERRY error code (whatever that is) and got kicked to Orbit from an activity. A little bit after that, I got kicked back to the Title Screen without an error message. But then after that, everything was and still is working fine. Haven't seen an error code in a long while yet. I am still skeptical about the CABBAGE and LETTUCE error codes that I was getting hammered with last week and what might've caused them, but RIGHT NOW the game is working smoothly. I kinda figured it would get better after an update. That and Iron Banner was active last week. Sometimes I wonder if that event causes some rises in error codes like KALE (commonly reported during Iron Banner, it seems (not by me because I hardly get that one)). I know it's not working great for everyone - nothing's perfect. But my issues are temporarily resolved. I shall continue to monitor the servers and the forums for the time being and if it stays like this for the entire week or so, I will remember it, just like my experience with week 1 of the last Festival of the Lost. It was fine then too until the Thursday update on week 2.



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