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1/20/2020 1:18:11 AM

Sunbracers as Sky Dawnblade was fun, but I'm falling back in love with Flame because of Sacred Dawn.

Been trying out the former since the Solar changes at the beginning of the season. It's definitely been loads of fun just peppering things with Grenades left and right. But I decided to try out Wings of Sacred Dawn again for the first time since year 1 because I was curious about the damage resistance buff. I'll honestly admit I underestimated how significant that damage resistance buff while aiming down sights would be. My first thought on hearing of the change was "that'll either be too low to be useful, or too powerful to be reasonable. If anything I don't think Bungie could've picked a better DR percentage. It's strong enough to (barely) survive things you normally wouldn't, like head shot knives and lighter super attacks among other things, but you still won't walk away from anything too hard hitting or coordinated. So I tried it out a bit with Attunement of Sky since I kind of figured it would pair up nicely with top tree Dawnblade due to the matching play styles. Certainly added an extra layer to the subclass. Though I couldn't help but feel like the Accuracy bonuses between Wings of Sacred Dawn, Heat Rises and Icarus Grip don't really stack. Or if they do it hits some kind of diminishing return. At most it seemed like a way to keep shooting while airborne whenever my Grenade wasn't available. Which was a lot, honestly, and ended up making me think even less favorably toward the Grenade cost for in-air Accuracy that Attunement of Sky requires. Since the exotic gives you the Accuracy on-demand. Then I thought: "what if I tried this with Attunement of Flame?" So I gave it a try and honestly I've been having a blast with it. It's like having most of the advantages of Attunement of Sky, sans the ranged melee and dodge, but without having to burn a Grenade in the process. Not to mention the damage and flinch resistances of the exotic. And of course the Dawnblade for Attunement of Flame is superior to Sky's as well. The only thing that would make it better would be if Phoenix Dive's cast time was cut in half. Because using the Rift's animation makes that thing slow as molasses. I'm usually better off just falling behind cover and using the actual Rift. That and an ornament for the exotic without the wings. Love the robe patterns, but those gold or silver wings are too much.



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