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Configurable Loadouts +Auto Equipping

[i](Image from Google saved to Imgur for easy linking)[/i] [i]It's a long thread, so I've created a tl;dr located at the bottom.[/i] Hi there, I used to use the Alexa Ghost skill often in the past while it was still supported, but after recently receiving a confirmation that it's not longer supported, I thought of a way to bring a useful aspect of it to the game. In the Ghost skill you could ask Ghost to save your current loadout as a Gambit, Crucible, Strike, etc... loadout, while in orbit you were able to ask Ghost to equip the loadout of your choice, and all of the items you had saved to said loadout would be automatically equipped for you without even having to open your inventory. But that's not the best part, you didn't even need to have the items in your inventory for them to equip, as long as they were at least in your vault, Ghost would bring them from your vault and equip your loadout, all while in orbit. Now, we don't have that luxury with support ending on the device, the closest we can get is the companion app, which can transfer items to and from your vault. Now onto the suggestion: Team Fortress 2 is a game I'm sure many of you have played in the past, the more astute of you may know where this is going. In Team Fortress 2 you can create loadouts just as you do in Destiny 2, but in Team Fortress 2 you can save these loadouts using 4 buttons located at the top of the window promptly named A, B, C, and D, this allows you to quickly switch between loadouts that suit the situation you're unfortunately caught up in, as well as switching your hats, because you need hats, they're important. I propose that Destiny 2 adds a similar system to what Team Fortress 2 has, in providing buttons on the screen in which you can store your current loadout, players will be able to create preferred loadouts for their situation, and will be able to save them for later; these buttons will have the icons for the vanguard, crucible, gambit, etc, and maybe one for your default "no activity just freeplay" loadout. When the button is empty, selecting it will save your current loadout, selecting it from then on will equip the saved loadout, to save a new loadout, clear it with the button you use to dismantle, and then select it while it's empty to add your new loadout, when trying to save a new loadout, be careful not to select the button before clearing it, or it will equip your currently saved loadout and you'll have to piece your new loadout together again. But wait... There's more: When using the button you use to lock armour and weapons on the loadout, you will enable its auto-equip function, this will automatically equip the loadout when joining a gamemode the button corresponds to, likewise it will remove and return the loadout you had on prior to the gamemode after you have finished with the gamemode. And for the final part: I believe this feature could be added to the companion app as well, including the ability to create and store the loadout, equip it, and toggle auto equipping. Thoughts? EDIT: Not a fan of long threads? I'll tl;dr: Add the system Team Fortress 2 uses to store loadouts for specific gamemodes, and allow them to automatically equip when starting the corresponding gamemode.



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