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1/14/2020 7:45:52 PM

[CONCEPT] “Augment” Weapon Mods – Bringing More Variety to Weapon Builds while Adding New Endgame Rewards (with graphic)

[b][url=][Direct Image Link][/url][/b] [u][b]ABOUT THIS MOCK-UP:[/b][/u] While it has its flaws, Armor 2.0 completely improved the way we can customize our builds, perks, and stats on our armor. This, along with the seasonal mods (both artifact and non) have really been expanding the RPG elements of Destiny. It is clear that we are going in a “mod”-oriented direction. I believe this can be a great thing in the long run as long as it continues to improve in the right ways. Following this trend, I quickly did a mock-up concept of the “augment mod” slot on legendary weapons. This slot is reserved for mods catered towards each weapon type, rather than the “general” mods in the primary slot. The idea is that these mods can be powerful enough to change the way you use a weapon. Therefore, I feel it would be best for these to drop from endgame sources, where fresh loot is much needed. The mods should be rare and also come with a cost to use (enhancement mats possibly?), in order to balance out their power. Note: I know my proposed cost of applying the mod may be controversial and there are definitely alternate options in terms of which currencies to use. Furthermore, having the option to add an additional mod can make some natural weapon perks much less of a necessity (rampage, outlaw, you all know the rest...) I feel if something like this were ever to be implemented, about 3 mods per weapon type would feel about right in terms of variety and filling the loot pool. [i](The portion of the post below can be found in the graphic I made for this concept)[/i] [quote][u][b]THE PURPOSE & GOALS:[/b][/u] - Create new, unique & useful weapon type-specific mods - Add more variety to weapon builds - Bring new rewards to endgame content - Indirectly make other weapon perks more viable - Stimulate enhancement material economy - Encourage new gunplay strategies[/quote] [quote][u][b]POTENTIAL DROP SOURCES:[/b][/u] - High difficulty ordeal nightfalls - Legend version of current seasonal activity - Raid & dungeon encounters - Xur - Very rare drop from crucible/gambit - Guarantee 1 per week with special gunsmith bounty[/quote] [quote][u][b] EXAMPLE AUGMENT MODS:[/b][/u] [b]Leeching Round[/b] – Hand Cannon Augment Mod [i]One random round in the magazine is guaranteed to deal bonus damage and will restore a small amount of health on kill.[/i] [b]Overpressured Launch [/b]– Rocket Launcher Augment Mod [i]Getting a multikill with this weapon will grant greatly increased velocity and blast damage on the next shot.[/i] [b] Variable Zoom[/b] – Sniper Rifle Augment Mod [i]Allows an for an additional zoom level of one-half the magnification of the currently equipped scope.[/i] [b]Explosive Rations [/b]– Auto Rifle Augment Mod [i]Rapid precision kills have the chance to turn the remaining magazine into explosive rounds.[/i] [b]Elemental Storage[/b] – Sword Augment Mod [i]Rapidly blocking multiple energy types grants bonus damage to your next heavy attack.[/i] [b]Ranger Rounds[/b] – Pulse Rifle Augment Mod [i]Defeating a major enemy or higher with this weapon temporarily gives it no damage range dropoff. [/i] [b]Corrosive Energy[/b] – Fusion Rifle Augment Mod [i]Grants a chance to apply a damage over time effect when all projectiles hit the target.[/i][/quote] As always, let me know what you think and please feel free to contribute your own ideas!



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