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NEW exotic concept with powerful but pricey perk/cost







[b]hey guys can you please leave your thoughts in the comment section[/b] Disclaimer, i picked Titan because i'm still working on my hunter and warlock ideas for this concept of using super/super energy, for a Powerful ability/perk/etc. New Titan Exotic Name : (suggestions welcome) Armor type : (no idea but leaning towards chest) Exotic perk : consumes a 3rd of super energy (upon holding grenade for 2sec), to create a turret with different perks/uses based on subclass, that lasts for 20sec or until destroyed. Expanded : VOID creates a beam cannon that has a 1000 charge time but lasts 2 sec (can kill in 1sec of constant damage tick against guardian (so kind of like Devils Ruin) has detection/precharge range 60metres and optimal damage range of 50metres with steep drop off also drops a ring of rally barricades (same diameter of a warlock rift) has 500HP (max Resilience guardian has 200) when DESTROYED creates a suppressive blast that affects enemy’s and the one that deployed it with in 20meters of the turret ARC Creates 4 floating orbs that fire like a linear fusion rifle but do 50 damage per shot, with a 500 charge time and 500 down time, (so like a 1000 charge time between consecutive shots. Can target the same enemy so if unable to get out of line of sight of all 4 can be killed in 0.5sec Range of 45 meters, (each with their own range bubbles and unless blocked by a wall with spread out about 10 meters from guardian that summons them In addition, each orb has 125HP destroying 1 will not destroy others, and kills made by ARC orbs Creates weak orbs of light that start health regen When DESTROYED creates an empowering orb that last 10sec on ground and buff of 15% dmg boost that lasts 10sec when picked up. SOLAR After charge time releasing grenade with throw a solar turret that will stick to whatever it detonates on, (floor, wall, ceiling). Turret fire solar bullets, at 1000rpm and 5dmg per hit with low flinch Will start firing at guardian at 40meters with optimal damage range of 30metres. Cant change targets with in 1.5sec, of one another, makes lots of noise, and glows. It has 300HP but has a crit spot. Kills will trigger SMALL patches of burning fire (think taken knight) on the ground Upon being destroyed will implode pulling all enemies with in 10meters into it before exploding dealing 150dmg. please share your opinions, if it is constructive i Might change and reupload with edits the numbers i picked are just to give a basic idea/grasp of what im trying to say



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