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1/14/2020 5:07:21 PM

YouTube has taken the fun out of the game

[u]My main point[/u] This makes content [u]less exciting[/u] (because of constant spoilers) and over faster. These are the roots of the games largest problems and biggest complaints of the community right now. [u]My subjective rant[/u] With YouTube - We have all the answers a click and 10 min away. We immediately have someone in a video to show us the EASIEST and FASTEST ways to beat the game. And we wonder why it isn't fun... Beating things by ourselves by using problem solving and curiosity is cornerstone to great videogames. You're supposed to get [u]stuck[/u] and then finally figure it out and be the happiest ever. Good videogames don't give you all the answers, they give you hints along the way and challenge you to think differently.



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