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1/10/2020 3:26:14 AM

Thank you for fixing Warlock melee speed, but can you fix and buff 2 more things that are related???

Hey thanks for fixing warlock melee speed! It is greatly appreciated as a Warlock main. However, can you fix 1 more thing and buff an exotic as well that would pair well with the warlock melee speed? You probably already know that the top tree dawnblade warlock melee doesnt count as a melee. Well, this messes with an exotic and it doesn't count towards bounties. The exotic that is being not registering the melee kill is Winter's Guile. I have been using it lately and I can see the potential of the exotic if the range melee counted towards the buff, but it doesnt. As far as a buff to Winter's Guile, either make the warlock speed faster whenever you use the exotic, extend the range of melee overall (not just when the buff it active), or make the timer a little bit longer. Just one or two of those things would be cool (please add more to the timer and range) and I would make this exotic my go-to for crucible and PVE. I think everyone has forgotten about this exotic ever since Year 1 which is sad because it is a cool exotic and the builds would be SNASTY! Anyways, thanks for the updates and the content this season. Keep up the good work!



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