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1/9/2020 1:24:23 PM

Charge time drains the fun out off Code of the Missle

This video sums up all the problems of thunder crash. The success of the person in this video is mostly because of his sniping skill + OEM cough cough. I suggest we remove the delays on thundercrash for the reasons below. It needs to be an instant super or melee to make it even remotely viable or fun. Ballistic slam needs to be instant like the previous throwing knives because it isn't one hit kill. Thundercrash needs to be instant because it lacks the element of surprise of novabomb. With how good in the air warlocks and hunter are, how difficult it is to control, thundercrash is easily the most survivalable super. If you disagree, let me know why because there might be a point of view I missed but please read through the reasons below first Look at how vulnerable it leaves you while activating the super. Look at how vulnerable it leaves in the air while performing ballistic time (which btw takes twice the time of OHK knives ) and still does only splash damage. Did I mention how loud it is? Even if you manage a flank ballistic slam gives away your location mind air allowing anyone with half a brain to jump out of the way. Can't count the amount of times, the range of ballistic slam and thundercrash have let me down. Super is hard to control. Inertia override lasts to 3 seconds. Unless you are aping, this will never, I repeat, this will never come into play in 3v3. Impact conversion induction is tied to how easy it is to evade ballistic slam. Lets say ou perform a succesfull ballistic but wait all the enemies you hit are still alive, and now you are surrounded by shotguns ready to be gang banged. It requires 3 people to be standing side by side to one shot them with synthoceps (surrounded). Chances of that happening are close none given how loud ballistic slam is in mid air. Loaded question is more discreet than this. It even sucks at shutdowning supers(its only job). Thundercrash charge up almost a second, giving roaming supers enough time to close the gap and clap yo cheeks. The mid air charge up of ballistic slam is an aesthetic gimmick which allows you to be shot down before reaching even the ground. It needs dunemarchers to be remotely viable in 3v3. Plus all the times, the super is stopped mid air by a random object like a door frame, a plant, the ceiling. Best way to perform ballistic slam is to start it behind cover (else you'll be gunned out of the air). Since you start behind cover you have to estimate where the enemy will be. Now it's a 50/50 if the slam will even hit one person. If you miss, there's a delay before you can swap back to your weapons, you are in enemy territory, the enemy knows where you are given how ballistic it is, I don't will the enemy will be in a negotiating mode after you tried to slam them, you can probably guess the rest of the story. Titan mains stay far away from that sub class when they are even semi serious. It's still a meme in pve (hey guys let me thunder crash the sanctified mind, yet it can't bring a lost sector boss to half health). I used this through out iron banner. The play style is to too reckless for survival. You'll just be feeding the enemy team.



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