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1/9/2020 10:57:34 AM

Thoughts on a Gambit with no PvP?

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share an idea I had, and I know not many people will like it but I'm hoping you can consider it and let me know what will or won't work. When I first learned of Gambit being made a while ago, I was under the impression that there would be no direct PvP aspects, that is, you do compete against other players, but you don't combat other players; I knew about motes and how Gambit worked, but I didn't know about the invasion mechanic, and I was excited for it. As a player who doesn't much enjoy PvP, I was happy to have a way of competing without direct confrontation, but of course upon release, I learned about the invasion mechanic and how it wasn't truly competitive PvE, as such I've grin and bared it but have always thought that it could work without PvP while still providing the same level of competitivity. This version of Gambit could be called Gambit Light, and would work the same in that you defeat enemies, collect motes, and bank them, blockers would also work the same way, as would the primeval, but we would need something to replace the invaders and the way they function. I went through multiple ideas but I believe I have come up with a suitable replacement; when the invasion portal would normally be active, in it's place the "invader" would hit a switch which would spawn a shield drone to the other side, this drone will appear in a random place on the map and remain for 30 seconds, during this time players dying while a primeval is active will heal it as it would normally with an invader, while the drone remains, players will slowly be drained of their currently held motes too to simulate dying and losing them all. This mode won't allow use of the Gambit armour's perks as the invader armour would be useless. Gambit Light wouldn't change anything about Gambit or Gambit Prime, so players who still love slaughtering their fellow guardians in cold blood will still be able to at their pleasure, this is just a place for players to compete without the increasing dread caused by the oncoming threat of inevitable death... It can still happen from enemies if they're not careful, but not from other guardians. And voilá! Competitive PvE. Thoughts? Can anything be improved? What do you think?



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