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1/8/2020 4:44:02 AM

PC! OCE Crucible Clan! PVE May be accepted! Recruiting Now! READ BELOW FOR DETAILS!

Crucible Requirements (Only for guardians who want to do PVP) : -Requires 1KD +!! - Must be an active Clan member! - Arc home discord is given when whom ever joins clan! - Competitive, through to other playlists! - Family friendly! - No toxicity - PVE arc members will help you with whatever PVE requirements you need. - - We do not control you, so feel free to play PVE by YOURSELF. PVE Requirements (Only for guardians who want to do PVE) : - Have over 10+ Completions on raids YOU enjoy. - Must be able to work with other PVE arc members to complete: Gambit, Nightfalls (100K) etc. - Please note that you may be able to play crucible, we do not control you :) - Arc Crucible members will help you reach Legend rank etc. - Again, Discord is given when whom ever joins clan. What to know about arc: Here at arc, we are a mainly OCE Crucible based Clan. We are active OCE players, who grind and help people/Clan mates get too legend rank or any other crucible requirement they need. Please have a 1KD + to ensure the skill we need for our clan. Please be active!! Cheers. - Founder: Sex or known as Sexjim - Co-Founder: Quazi Accepting Skilled and Active players! Check out our #Destiny2 clan! Contact our admins directly via discord: Sex: Sexjim#6202 Quazi: Quazi2805#6706 Also Clan Neighbours With: Five Across The Eye (FATE)
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