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1/2/2020 9:13:37 PM

Well of Radiance/Dawnblade rework idea for more support.

I for one would love to see a rework of the dawnblade/well super. I had the idea of a banner shield type super that provides health benefits and protects teammates standing behind and near you from damage, just like banner shield, but without the added damage to teammates weapons. This prevents it from being better or worse than banner shield. Maybe rework the well super to where the caster has the choice to put down the well (hold L1 and R1) or tap them to activate the roaming wall super like Banner shield. The Warlock could hold there flaming sword in the air and cast a fiery wall it would look incredible. This would make Warlock more fun to play in my opinion because I love the titan banner shield, but feel that Warlock supers aren’t as cool or useful outside of Well of Radiance. Let me know what you guys think and upvote if you agree.



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