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1/1/2020 5:37:17 AM

Some quality of life changes I would like for sentinel.

I'll keep this short for you guys so people don't push me in a locker again. Top tree sentinel: Turn the tide: Your overshield from defensive strike lasts longer and increases melee damage and reload speed. What I would like them to do: Remove the "bonus melee and reload speed" from requiring the overshield to be active to be applicable. Example: Get a kill with the charged melee and activate turn the tide and defensive strike. Upon taking enough damage, lose the overshield but keep the effects of turn the tide for the remainder of the buffs duration. Reasoning: Imagine having a buff that lasts 16 seconds and it gives very good bonuses, but taking damage can get rid of it as soon as it's active because it's tied to the health of a shield. It limits the opportunities to make use of the bonus and kind of negates it's spot as a perk in higher end content where enemies can strip the overshield with ease. Bottom tree sentinel: In the Trenches: Kills while surrounded by enemies reduce the cool down of the super. What I would like them to do: Add a buff counter so that the titan can know how many enemies are surrounding them or at least when the perk itself is active. Example: 1 enemy, in the trenches x1. 2 enemies, in the trenches x2. Etc. Reasoning: Not knowing how much of the buff is active, let alone at all, can make this perk a little awkward. With synthoceps it's really easy to know when it's active, but the lack of it showing up at all by itself is kind of weird. It's like if you didn't know when you had devour active but it still heals you.



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