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An idea for Iron Banner

Here's an idea for Iron Banner, since it's currently the only pinnacle PvP activity: Light level matters in IB, which sucks. Light level sees the most progress in PvE (raids, dungeons, master NF...), and grinding PvE for a PvP activity doesn't sound so good. I think a good idea may be to tie Iron Banner "power" (???) to something like Valor + Glory rank-ups. Note that I didn't say RANK, but RANK UPS! Basically, the more PvP you play, the more rank ups you'll get (heroic I > heroic II > heroic III or whatever the ranks are). Every rank up adds the things that the light level adds now: dmg, dmg resistance etc. That way the PvP pinnacle activity wouldn't be dependant on a lot of PvE activities in order to not get rekt at the game JUST BECAUSE you didn't play PvE properly. If you want, you can only do PvP and that'll make you, a PvP player, not be prone to loss against PvE players. Disclaimer: [u][b]I'm not a fan of the fact that power matters in IB at all. I think it should go, but if it's to stay, I think it would be better if it would be as I said above.[/b][/u] Destiny is a huge game and some people may prefer PvE or PvP, and not have time for the other. It shouldn't punish certain players for not playing the whole game. Have a good one lads!



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