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12/25/2019 10:39:19 PM

Can dawnblade and nova bomb get a decent tracking like other supers have?

Sentinel and burning maul get crazy tracking, behind walls, on jumps ecc, they get a melee attack too (or a blocking shield) Blade barrage has crazy aimbot While Slowva bomb seeks on walls Dawnblade can get a hit without killing someone, can be avoided by jumping or dodging. Now it's also easy to outrun too because of speed and duration nerf. Bottom neutral game is trash, top is just useless in a competitive envirorment Stormcaller is the only good roaming super for warlocks and it requires to save your granade and melee (why does a super should require something? Dawnblade requires you to switch the jump (you don't always have time), most of warlock neutral games requires you to sacrifice your granade ecc ecc, this design is boring as hell, considering that most of the time it won't be better than throwing the granade itself)



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