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12/22/2019 8:48:17 PM

Let's talk about peregrine greaves.

Tl;dr: Increase melee damage bonus with peregrine greaves from 300% to 400%. Synthoceps offers a 300% melee damage buff on top of 50% more melee lunge and super damage. Worm god, although not quite as strong as those 2 before x3, becomes insane once fully stacked up and isn't restricted to any melee. A 400% buff instead of 300% puts the greaves more in the middle instead of being at the bottom overall. In PvP it one shots literally everything already so it doesn't matter there if it gets buffed or not. The meat: So titans have multiple exotics that boost the damage of their melee and all of them have their own place in either pve or pvp. But one that I see popping up in posts a bit more often is peregrine greaves. Initially I disagreed with the posts being made as I thought that besides worm god, nothing was stronger or provided the same buffs as peregrine greaves, not even synthoceps. But after testing each of them out it turns out that peregrine greaves are the most underwhelming in pve of the 3. Although not nearly as difficult to fully activate as the other two, the bonus being granted is still quite good. A 300% damage buff just for jumping with a shoulder charge melee equipped is very strong when stacked on top of the damage the shoulder charge melee's already do. But I actually didn't know that synthoceps also grants a 300% melee damage buff. I used Kali as my punching bag as she gives damage numbers and always has some thrall to work with so that getting synthoceps to activate is easy. I used top tree strikers shoulder charge as it's the most basic. SC: 6,253 SC w/greaves: 18,734 SC w/syntho: 18,755 Some of you might not think much of the numbers but considering how consistent getting synthoceps to activate in pve is, it's quite honestly disappointing that this is all peregrine greaves can do. Synthoceps still also offers more melee lunge distance and super damage which gives it much more overall usability in pve and the damage increase isn't exclusively to shoulder charge melees either. I think that for at least pve...peregrine greaves could use a bit of a buff in terms of the bonus granted. Pre-shadow keep, hammer strike when paired with peregrine greaves did about 500% damage, allowing it to beat even a shoulder charge with the greaves and thunder coil on, which granted a 60% buff and I don't think it needs to do as much as that but somewhere close. I feel a 400% damage buff vs a 300% damage buff will set it apart from synthoceps a bit. And for those of you worrying about worm god, worm god at x3 offers roughly a 495% damage buff. SC w/worm x1: 11,566 SC w/worm x2: 16,880 SC w/worm x3: 30,643 SC w/greaves (400%): ~25,012 I want peregrine greaves to be the ultimate all around shoulder charge damage exotic as that is what it is specifically designed for...but the other two exotics when used correctly can offer the same general increase and damage or more. To be right in the middle is kind of sad for the greaves that bring destruction with just a tap.



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