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12/20/2019 10:28:06 PM

Is Burning Maul in a good place now?

I think it is now in a good spot (I agree).


I think it is still in a bad spot (I disagree).


No comment (results).


Since burning mauls first preview in the forsaken trailer I have been wanting to use this super as my go to for pve. When it dropped I was initially unimpressed by the overall feel of it as it's neutral game wasn't that enticing and the super felt kind of clunky (very clunky on release). About half way through it's existence, it got some nice quality of life buffs that made it go from a 4/10 to 6/10 as they improved the tracking of the power attack which allowed it to hit more mobile enemies much more consistently. Probably made some people angry in crucible too. But fast forward to now and I've gotta say, it's certainly become the skill tree I always thought it would be. The super feels much more consistent in both pve and in PvP as the power attack isn't quite as easy to just hop over which allows it to more consistently hit things like wizards and hunters, but the changes to the light attack gives it purpose in pve. Although the light attack is still not quite perfect, compared to where it used to be I will gladly settle on it, especially since it allows the titan to maximize it's damage potential against bosses due to the decrease in overall cost and extended duration. But the neutral game has always been something that kind of just...held it back. The hammer was easy to lose and without roaring flames it didn't feel like it had much impact to it, but this patch changed that. The hammer is more powerful in both pve and in PvP and the effects of roaring flames is greater. And them simply increasing the throwing hammer pick up radius drastically reduces the difficulty of reacquiring it whether mid gun fight or grabbing it before it detonates which was a big problem in tough content. These changes to code of the devastator has turned it from one of the clunkiest and worst feeling titan skill trees to one of the smoothest of the bunch in terms of how it's supposed to be used and how effective it is for using it that way. It truly feels like it's rewarding you for playing around your abilities in the way that it advertised itself as it did and I can say that I am content with how it performs in both sandboxes. Maybe throw in a few new exotics. What do you guys think?



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