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Happy holidays l!!! No flame wars...... and fun post with personal opinions. I’m CERTAINLY not saying warlocks are bad or the whole “handheld nova” makes the whole class great. But warlocks need love in pvp. Titans are still amazing and well hunters are just the best class for crucible in general. Even after three nerfs the eye mask is still amazing and highly viable in high level comp. the strongest part (tracking) is still for tracer good and health is amazing for getting a kill and using kill clip. [b]Warlocks need some love for the crucible!!! [/b] Titans get a OHK on three subclasses and personally feel this needs to be toned down. Unpopular as it sounds I’m not proposing going back to D2 launch (and the usual rhetoric that comes with asking for such stuff) Now hunters have a one hit throwing knife it gets insane higher up with OHK moves. Either way......back to the point. Warlocks need love in pvp. Their exotics and their abilities. Playing the hunter is so much easier and after a certain point comp is so much better with the hunter exotics and invis dodge ect. ~~~EDIT ~~~ I play console so don’t have the luxury of button mapping ect ect. I play “tactical” button layout so I can dodge and keep aiming (no mouse/ keyboard) which is obviously better. It’s double click the right thumb stick (the aiming stick) which makes a lot more sense for fusions, side arms and shotguns been able to dodge and aim simultaneously. But jumping with A button and trying to double click the stick is clumsy and ineffective for the warlock in general. It can’t be utilized in the Same way. EVEN using A to jump and then B, B is time consuming and removes your aim for the time taken to get shotgun scrubbed or a mindbenders up the @#$” ~~~~~~ I ended up in a 3 vs 1 and still managed to take two rounds after my scrub mates quit on the hunter. Snipe shots into a dodge makes the class unbeatable and even getting away using the bunny hop jump or dodge is SO much better. I would NEVER have been able to pull anything like that off as the warlock and while I know the trans steps are amazing...... doesn’t make the whole class viable by just using a D1 exotic. The top tree works were amazing but needs refinement. You should be able to use a SINGLE dodge activation from the ground and dash like a hunter dodge...... in air the 2 x is nice but dam. These top level snipers are duck hunters! Can you say Revoker? It’s to floaty and takes to long to jump and maneuver even using the amazing top tree dash. They need to rework the air accuracy on that class and buff the dash to work on the ground. The float jump into a dash isn’t as effective as it needs to be. While these are opinions - get onboard for class balance and buffs. Hunter dominance is amazing but let’s get the WARLOCK some love!? Mature thoughts and holiday PEEEEEEEEEACE



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