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12/13/2019 1:54:20 PM

Warlocks - BUFFS and current changes.

I just spent (and recently hit) 2500 in Congo this season and wanted to share some thoughts and feedback on the warlock changes vs the other sub classes. Hunters - one hit throwing knives. WOW. Simply wow. They wreck and can’t remember the amount of times I have died to sniper head shots and hunters one hitting me from a serious distance. Now before you go screaming nova warp and and hand held (yes very dominant on certain maps) it’s super is slow and sluggish and YES gets shut down by basically every super in the game now. Before you can blast twice (needed to kill most supers) you are simply dead. In higher level comp the good players gear supers and run. Good luck catching them with nova warp and even improved blink. With this set up you lose the holds and the nova blast for an improved mobility for blink. Then the dash. Amazing. But it’s only useful while flying. Hunters dodge from the ground and have better neutral game exotics such as the husk making the dodge far better. It’s a move that can be used for disengaging. If the dash became usable from the ground without the need to jump first (the speed of the warlock jump) often means you float and don’t get away fast enough anyway. The in air accuracy needs a HUGE buff for the warlock top tree. I saw one player using it against me by edge trimming the map and using a sniper to jump above a box to body shot us. In all it’s seriously hard to land a head shot (from most weapons) with the player moving and whilst jumping. So feel the air accuracy needs a major tweak. Warlock exotics? What the...... (to long to mention) just start by saying ok ok we will stick to the steps even with the introduction of the new dawnblade boots (creating rifts on dB kills) doesn’t help in pvp a great deal. After three nerfs the eye mask still remains more viable and the husk is still amazing. The throwing knife OHK turns hunters into (already op in crucible) but simply more dominant using more skill trees. When is the warlock getting a serious buff? To a skill tree that doesn’t leave you floating into a sniper head shot. Its warlock hunting season!!! There are plenty pretending to fly! So grab those revokers and beloved pest killers and leave a head shot or comment!! Peace and let’s get this trending so we can make warlocks as viable in pvp as the other classes.



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