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12/10/2019 6:17:05 PM

Sweet, a great bottom tree sunbreaker buff.

[quote] Sunbreaker Code of the Siegebreaker (Bottom Path) Mortar Blast Increased explosion radius from 5 meters to 6 meters Sol Invictus Burning targets you kill also make Sunspots Burning targets killed now trigger the heal Kills with the Sun Warrior buff active can now make Sunspots This is based on weighted enemy killed and a sunspot is created when the threshold of "1" is reached Players/Bosses add 1 Majors add 0.5 Minors add 0.25 1 second cooldown on creating Sunspots Sun Warrior Increased ability recharge scalar by 35% Touched up the FX and audio for allied Sunspots[/quote] I was honestly not expecting that kind of buff to it. It's been my favorite skill tree in Destiny 2 even before it's first initial buff and it has come a very long way. This is going to make it a very potent skill tree in pve and PvP and based on my current experience with it it's going to be even more powerful. So if you see a person melting your team with bullets and sunspots, know that it's probably me...or an imposter. Screw burning maul XD (and screw thundercrash).



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