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Well of Radiance

Hoping this actually goes to someone within Bungie who can provide a response! So with the re-introduction of the Ward of Dawn for Titans, the Well of Radiance has lost some of its usefulness on the battlefield. I've been using the Well more than any super and have loved being the main support class for my fireteam. This being said it is still useful and part of a great combination when teamed up with Ward of Dawn. This is my own opinion but not the main point of this post. My idea is... With Ward of Dawn, Titans get the option of either placing down their bubble OR running around with the mobile shield. This makes them insanely versatile on the field and I love that fact. I was wondering if that kind of model could be introduced to the Well so that instead of being made to place the Well down, we could carry the sword and potentially use it to either kill enemies, or use it as a mobile individual heal potentially, while we run around instead of being locked in place. Thanks for taking the time to read, Havoc Edit: I've edited this post due to some people missing the main point of this post. Hopefully this edit will help to convey my point better, which is the dual nature of Ward of Dawn and the idea of implamenting that with the Well of Radiance.



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