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12/8/2019 8:14:01 AM

Preserving the Destiny Narrative Between Seasons

I have really enjoyed the lore stories put out by the Dev team each day leading up to Season of Dawn. I especially enjoyed the recent article, Actions of Mutual Friends. This really made me curious about the Undying Mind, how it was defeated, and the story of Season of Undying. Since I have not had the opportunity to play the past season, I thought it would be cool if Bungie could put out an after season report/story capturing the main plot points of the season. Since the story of each new season in Destiny 2 is supposed to be influenced by the successes and failures of players in the previous season, documenting the story of each season could be really helpful for new player to get immersed in the current state of the Destiny Universe. Such documents could also make for an impressive history when arranged into a timeline.



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