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12/8/2019 7:45:04 PM

Any Idea on When D2 Will Update to Xbox's New Gamertag System?

I've wanted to use the same name I have on here on Xbox for a while now, and D2 is the only game I play really. I've noticed the new tag system is up and running on Xbox systems and stuff, but not on D2 yet. Is there any way we could get some information on when this will be working in D2? Thanks. [spoiler]For those unaware, Xbox has a new gamertag system similar to Discord where you're assigned a unique number if you change your gamertag to one that's already been taken. For example, instead of "Fae", I'd show up as "Fae#1728" or something (with the number greyed out so it's less obtrusive), because the original "Fae" tag is taken.[/spoiler]



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