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由Dailyse編輯: 12/6/2019 6:10:52 AM

Thundercrash should not be weaker than nova bomb

Bungie, what are you guys thinking? U guys give thundercrash a buff but it would still suck for sure cos u guys dun seem to understand what is wrong with the super. First ,in terms of damge, the damge of thundercrash definitely should not be any lower than nova bomb cos u r litterally putting yourself in danger by using it. Those stronger enemies would knock u out with one melee hit, u might as well shoot and ignore the fact that u have ur super fully charged Second, the range is not really gd enough, every time u throw yourself into the enemies, those who are outside rhe range fking shoot u to death. I recommend u do the changes below 1. Increase the damage thundercrash does , if not better than nova bomb ,at least make it as good as the nova bomb 2. Increase its range so that titans can really think themselves as a fking missile, i mean IT IS THE CODE OF THE MISSILE, BUNGIE U HEAR ME? 3. Grant an overshield during or after using thundercrash so that we can get our butts back to safety. We are titans, not suicide squad I love being a titan but u guys r forcing me into being a warlock



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