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Sick of the Traveler’s dogma.

Void Subclass Super Exotic Weapons:

Nightstalker: Name: Nightstinger Energy Type: Void Precision Frame Bow Impact: 60 Accuracy: 80 Stability: 70 Handling: 60 Reload Speed: 40 Draw Time: 900 Inventory Size: 80 “The Void is your weapon, first and foremost. Rely on it, use it; your weapons are only complimentary.” — Tevis Intrinsic Perk — Evil Eye: While enemies are affected by your Void abilities, this weapon has no charge time. Legendary Trait — Transference: Rapidly defeating tethered enemies with this weapon increases the tether’s duration. Exotic Catalyst — Beyond the Scope: Kills with this weapon will grant a very brief burst of Truesight, revealing nearby enemies. __________________ Sentinel: Name: Dawnlight Energy Type: Void High-Impact Fusion Rifle Impact: 100 Range: 40 Stability: 85 Handling: 40 Reload Speed: 60 Charge Time: 1000 Magazine: 4 “I will defend this Tower to my last breath.” — Commander Zavala Intrinsic Perk — Pierce the Veil: Hold down the trigger to charge a high-velocity energy spear that over-penetrates enemies and bypasses shields. Legendary Trait — Starless Ruptor: This weapon can be fired from inside your Ward of Dawn at enemies, ammo also slowly spawns in the weapon’s magazine. Exotic Catalyst — Last Bastion: Being the only Guardian and having no enemies in your Ward of Dawn increases this weapon’s damage and decreases its charge time. __________________ Voidwalker: Name: Division Reactor Energy Type: Void Rapid-Fire Frame Slug Shotgun Impact: 40 Range: 80 Stability: 80 Handling: 40 Reload: 30 Rounds Per Minute: 140 Magazine: 8 “Some people call it ‘Space Magic’, but I call it science.” — Unknown Voidwalker Intrinsic Perk — Mass Fusion: Void projectiles from this weapon attach to targets. Holding down the trigger causes all projectiles to pull enemies towards each other and explode. Legendary Trait — Operational Efficiency: Rapid kills with this weapon will grant the buff ‘Enhanced Fission’, which can stack to x5. Activating Nova Warp will consume the buff and extend the super by the number of stacks. Exotic Catalyst — Unstable Expulsion: Releasing the trigger just as the Void projectiles explode will also release a concussive blast, dealing extra damage.



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