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Why do people not use Worldline zero????

Didn't even know it did anything


Don't have it


Cause it's a sword lmao


"I added a video for more in depth explanation. Please check this dude out he makes awesome youtube vids" Excluding speedrunners cause y'know(looking at you Conquer you madlad) Worldine Zero make warlocks the fastest class in the game and lets you zoom across the map (if you know how to dash with it) I'm just surprised that more people don't use Worldline when it's so FUN. Im average at best (atleast pve wise i prefer crucible ngl ._.) And it just lets me finish things way faster than before. If you have it i suggest you learn how to worldline skate(if you play warlock that is) It will let you finish activities way quicker than before(Also the catalyst is awesome since it makes tesseract take less time to charge).



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