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11/29/2019 11:49:28 PM

Black Armory Bounties not dropping any rewards at all.

So is this a new thing or has it happened to you folks as well? For two days now, I've wasted all my bounties after completing them, as soon as I click on them to claim any rewards, they just disappear but don't give me any rewards. I'm doing this for Izanagi's Burden but when they don't even drop glimmer or modulus reports either, I doubt I'll even get a rare bountry drop. This needs to be goddamn fixed, I've seen people having similar issues from time to time but there's no fix? First, the keys bugged now this shit's happening. Bungie help your damn customers out here, it's been this way for a long time and there's many posts about it too dating back to October from what I've seen.



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