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11/28/2019 9:36:10 PM

Destiny 1 Content could be a great boon to Destiny 2.

Y'all already know what this post is gonna be about, but I think topics like this need some discussion, and possibly attention from Bungie themselves. We are on the verge of a new Season: Season of Dawn. Bungie said that this past year has been strenuous for the dev team, and so something a bit more relaxing and easier may be due. They've already given us snippets of D1 content. Exotics, weapon/armor/ship models, locations, old bosses, and the first mission have all made a return from D1 to D2. So, what if after Season of Dawn, or even the third Season that is unannounced, we had a Season of Remembrance or Recollection. Maybe even Meditation, as a callback to Ikora's old job of handing out "Meditations" as a way to replay missions. They could do something like with D1's Age of Triumph. Bring back the D2 raids that fell to the wayside. Update the gear with new colors, even some new models, maybe even a harder challenge or multiple challenges. New, rare weapons based upon the most loved weapons from D2 raids. And mostly importantly, I think, bring them up to power. There are more things that they could do with this. Have a weekly playlist that shifts between the raids every week that allows players to play through those new challenges, I think Datto talked about something like this at one point, and make it so they can only get the new gear when the raid is in that playlist. Perhaps even allow for modifiers, like in the nightfall, and add a scoring system to raids in order to encourage more players to push for goals and such. Add a title and triumphs to have more things to work towards. Then, add in a new system, they could call it Echoes of Light, or Nightmares of the Dark. Collecting these could allow for some different things to happen. Perhaps, the more Nightmares of the Dark you collect and carry, it could add and increase the chance and difficulty for Nightmares from past enemies to spawn on you at anytime during an activity, similar to how factions work in Warframe(Haven't done much with factions during my time playing Warframe, so excuse my illiteracy.). Imagine running around on Io and having Devil Splicers appear to try and attack you. They'd all have the Nightmare affects that we see in Shadowkeep, of course. These Echoes of Light could be used to add new abilities to your subclasses, and could increase stats like in D1. They could possibly even allow one to unlock new Supers, especially ones used in the past that are no longer with us (Radiance, Arc Blade, Original Ward of Dawn(They could allow for alterations to its affects when spending EoL), and original Fist of Havoc(Again, alterations could be allowed)), or add affects/alter the way current Supers and abilities work. I can see how this specifically would be a lot of work, but the code for the D1 Supers already exist, so that can take some load off. Echoes of Light and Nightmares of the Dark could be combined to create an exotic material called something like "Dreams of Reminiscence" or "Dreams of the Past." These "Dreams" could be like, purified Nightmares.(Shadowkeep Spoilers Ahead, just a warning) Remember how we went to Crota's Throne World during the last mission of Shadowkeep. Dreams could allow one to enter previous activities, dating all the way back to D1 missions/Raids/Strikes. However, they wouldn't have the red nightmare effect, only a slight Taken-appearing, but more pure, effect to the enemies and some of the landscape. Or, there doesn't have to be any at all. These D1 activities could provide various "Dream Blueprints" in order to allow for more of a grind. This could bring less useful items, such as Vex Mind Components and Vex Chassis Components, and maybe even Phantasmal Fragments, into use once again. The blueprints could, once completed, reward the player with a D1 armor piece or Weapon. Possibly even vehicles, shaders, jumpships, or ghost shells as well. It could even just reward the player with new Universal Ornaments for their armor, that applies to ALL of their armor on that class. I believe that this would be an easy way of allowing the dev team to relax, due to a brunt of the content already existing in the form of D1 Raids/Strikes/Missions, and D2 Raids. All that would need to happen would be altering D2 Raids, adding some new models for armor if so desired, at the very least just changing colors/layout. Most of the work would have to go into the new systems involving Echoes of Light, and its use-cases, as well as Nightmares of the Dark, and its own use-cases, and finally bringing the D1 content mentioned earlier into D2 and onto PC. You don't even have to change the pallette like with the moon, unless the engine does that automatically, as it would allow the original feel to be maintained. The D1 content would have to be more in the background, so as not to have old content, even if people want it, be the basis of something new. It could cause some controversy, and controversy/drama of any sort would hopefully be avoided. What are your thoughts? Sorry for the long-winded post. Just had to get this idea somewhere. Tl;dr: Revamp raids and introduce new systems to allow for D1 content in a way that makes sense. Add some new rewards and incentives (Armor/Weapons/Titles/Cosmetics/Challenges) and make sure that the old content isn't in the forefront.



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