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Idea for a new gun

Hello Bungie and fellow guardians! So, we have some of the most notorious hand cannons from destiny 1 back in destiny 2. I’m obviously referring to [i]Thorn[/i] and [i]The Last word[/i]. I’m also sure most guardians are hope and waiting to see [i]Hawkmoon[/i] back to destiny 2. Me as well, but if I’m being honest, there is another hand cannon that I loved way more and is hoping to see. That is “[i]The First curse[/i]”. Some will probably be “[i]what!?[/i]” and some others “[i]Are you stupid!?[/i]” and others must think this a troll post, but I’m being honest. But this post is not just another “[i]bring back weapon X!?!?!?!?!?![/i]”, its more a concept for a new hand cannon that would fit The First curse. Sort of Ace of Spades in destiny 2 is different from the one in Destiny 1. So, what am I working up towards? Imagine a Hand cannon that is a 110, like [i]The First curse[/i] when you aim down sight it has bonus range (higher than a max-ranged [i]Austinger[/i] or [i]duke[/i]), stability and increase movement speed and good aim-assist stat, let’s say 90. But here is what makes it slightly different from the original [i]The First curse[/i], once you get a precision kill your whole mag is refilled, it gets a damage increase to precision so that it can 2 – tap in the head. But what’s the drawback? Well once this perk is active, let’s call it “[b][i]Cursed[/i][/b]”, the guns aim-assist drops to 0 – 5 and [b]all body damage is lowered[/b], to somewhere near the body-shot damage of a 180. This perk [i]Cursed[/i] would remain active if you make sure you only kill with precision and don’t die. You can swap weapon, reload the weapon, hit a body-shot etc., just don’t kill with body-shots or die. Then the perk goes away, and you have to get a new precision kill. Some might think this sounds way to OP, maybe it is. But honestly, I don’t think so, since it DEMANDS that you hit precision and with the lowered aim-assist as well as lowered body-damage. I think it could be balanced. Counter-argument might be “you got Eriana’s Vow, be happy and shut up”. But not the same thing, one has super high damage all the time, high aim-assist and its drawback is low mag and ammo-type. This rework of The First curse (or a totally new hand cannon), also has high precision damage and high range, but if you can’t aim and make sure to kill with precision, this gun would suck or be a slight okay 110 hand cannon.



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