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11/27/2019 3:22:32 AM

Heavy Shotgun and Heavy Sniper/Machine gun idea, Of course there power slot

Not sure which sub-catigory to post these in but I am just going with Feedback, Keep in Mind bottom one is more geared twords PVP and has sniper level bullet magnetism even when hip firing, And the top one is a tripple barrel combat shotgun with 3 firing chambers which can hold 3 shells each and is also a power weapon due to the ammount of damage it can do in a single shot (It can kill an overshield user and just rip through titan shields, So it is a Power weapon concept not a special ammo) [b]Exotic Heavy-Shotgun idea, The "TCS-2"[/b] [b]Primary Abulity, Duality:[/b]Hold Reload to switch firing modes between a large Burst or a 3-Shot Semi-Auto mode with 3 different damage types Large Burst fires a spray of Incindiary shotgun shells that shreds shields but only at very close range, Semi-Auto lets you fire 3 shots before pumping the shotgun readying 3 more shots, Weapon can pump 3 times before needing to Reload while Burst has 3 shots only [b]Secondary Abulity,[/b] Shells Galore:Semi-Auto mode has 3 shell types, Incindiary, Anti-Armor/Shield, and Slug ADS automatically changes it to to Slug, But no-scope has the rotation of Incindiary, Peircing, Slug It also has a counter showing which shells are loaded under the Sights Entrinsic Perk, Snapshot and Auto-Loading [b]Exotic Heavy-Shiper/Machine GunModum-2, Kinetic[/b] [b]Primary Abulity:[/b]ADS fires a single high-power un-guided shot, While no scoping fires like a Machine Gun with extended range and accuracy but fire-rate akin to a heavy frame Auto-Rifle [b]Secondary Abulity:ADS[/b] Shots ignore shield, Firing through shields to inflict instant damage to enemies, 10% of the damage is directed at the shield while the 90% is on the enemys body Has the choice between 3 scopes, A Sniper Scope, A scout Rifle type scope, and a Combat scope, Sniper scope trading in Handling for Range and Acuracy, Scout rifle scope would be an imbetween, and Combat scope trading range and stabulity for Handling Entronsic Perks, Feeding Frenzy and Auto-Loading



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