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11/26/2019 1:51:45 AM

Chat Removing Ability to Report?

So, I've had an odd issue, and I want to know if anyone else has had it, or knows why it's happening: if someone on my team in Gambit, and in at least one of the Crucible modes (and probably the rest, too, but haven't tested it) types in "Team" chat during a match, the option to report them (along with their emblem and level) isn't visible in the little post game "Match Results" screen. Normally, that wouldn't be an issue, because for the most part the people who do stuff worth reporting (sitting AFK in spawn, throwing themselves off cliffs, using that dumb bot that just makes you jump in place and shoot all match, etc) don't usually talk. But sometimes they do. In the three cases I've run into this bug/issue/whatever, the first was a guy spamming chat with some *super* racist (and badly spelled) language, and the other two (including the one in the screenshots included above, who's name I've blacked out because I don't want to witch-hunt them) were people who stopped actually playing, but kept talking in chat. In all three cases, when I tried to report them post-match, this bug happened. Granted, I don't know *for sure* that the thing causing it is them talking, but in two of the cases, the option to report teammates who *didn't* talk in chat was still there (as seen in the included pictures; didn't censor the other guy's name because they were actually trying their best, they just had a low score because they joined in very late, after two other people left the match). So them talking is the one thing I've seen that all three had in common, aside from the weird reporting bug. Has anyone else had this happen, or does anyone have any ideas on why it would?



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