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11/24/2019 6:04:14 PM

Please consider giving the voidwall grenade a mechanic so that it's not seemingly RNG-based.

This grenade has so much potential, but it needs a more solid and consistent mechanic that the player can utilize in normal gameplay. For example, I shouldn't have to have a third year degree in college calculus and algebra/geometry to know the angle to throw the grenade at. I should be able to see an incoming target, see a wall, and immediately throw the grenade after a split second of thinking. Why? Because I know the logic of it. It needs a set-in-stone, solid mechanic that an average player can notice and then make use of. Please do something for this grenade, Bungie; it's a really unique tool and one of my personal favorites for the looks, and it could easily become one of the most high-skill, high reward grenades in the game, but it just needa that extra nudge. Again, it doesn't matter what the mechanic for the grenade itself is as long as it's easily recognizable by the average player; it needs to have a clear pattern.



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