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Armor 2.5? Or... Maybe at least 2.1.../New Concept for Masterwork Armor

I had an idea for a new feature to add to armor that would be very nice to have... It could also be a feature that you could only use with Masterworked Armor. This probably won't actually happen since it kinda goes against the whole "grind to get the perfect roll" mentality, but I digress... My idea was to allow us to increase/decrease individual stats on armor pieces to better fit the gameplay style we want. Here's an example of how stat numbers work now... You get an armor piece that has 60 total stat points divvied up like such: Mobility: 2 Resistance: 6 Recovery: 16 Discipline: 11 Intellect: 18 Strength: 7 and then your overall stats would end up being something like: Mobility: 12 Resistance: 27 Recovery: 76 Discipline: 42 Intellect: 72 Strength: 36 It was really annoying in Destiny 1 and now it's in Destiny 2 with the return of the Destiny 1 stats. (Having stat numbers that are in between tiers and therefore being useless) My idea would fix this issue. It would let you decrease one stat's points to add those points to the other stats. It would also need to be balanced in a way that didn't take away from the "grind to get the perfect roll" mentality. That being you can only decrease a stat to the current tier's base meaning if it's at 13, you can only get 3 points from that stat to spend on another. In my earlier example of the single armor piece, you could reduce the mobility, resistance, and strength to zero and bring the other 3 stats up to 20 each. I can see this having some complications when the stat you want to increase needs more points than you can get from decreasing the other stats. Otherwise, we could just bypass the tier limit so if you have 60 total points on an item, you could in theory, put all 60 to one stat or make 2 have 30 each, 3 have 20 each, etc... I have another idea if that's too technical. Instead of doing this for each armor piece... let it be done with the overall stats only. In my example above, you could decrease the discipline from 42 to 40 and get 2 points and then decrease the strength from 36 to 30 to get 6 more points for a total of 8 which could then be added to the intellect to get it from 72 to 80. Once again, some stats would still have overlap, but it would be a step in a good direction. Technically, this wouldn't take away from the mentality mentioned before... Because, if you're a perfectionist like me, you'll want all your stats to be rounded up or down and for that to happen you'd still have to get armor that has a well rounded total of stat points to change around later.



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