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11/21/2019 11:26:16 PM

These Burning Maul Buffs Are Nice... But...

It's not nearly what we wanted. Yes, a straight buff to damage and duration is always welcome, but you missed a few key improvements us Titans wanted. For starters the "Light Attack" is worthless. And reducing it's drain from 5% to 3% isn't going to change that. It needs way more forward momentum, especially when activated in the air. It also should be able to be activated twice while in the air, not just once. Damage is the next thing, there is absolutely no reason anyone should ever use the Light Attack over the Heavy Attack, ever. Not only do you have to be right next to the enemy, but it also does less damage than the Heavy Slam and doesn't leave a giant flame tornado in it's wake. Secondly throwing hammer pick up time. 7 seconds is not enough time to get your hammer, and the explosion it does is also worthless. I don't think anyone would complain if you completely scrapped the explosion and added 10- 15 more seconds of time for us to go pick it up. There has been talk about being able to recall the hammer, but that could get very tricky when you need to melee the person in front of you and instead recall your hammer, so I won't ask for that. PLEASE Bungie, PLEASE do not let these changes slip through the cracks. It will be another year before we see any new changes to these subclasses if any. I beg you. please.



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