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11/19/2019 1:13:15 AM

Gameplay > Text Chat > Auto-Hide setting isn't saved between sessions

Apologies if this has been posted before (didn't find anything via Search). In the game settings, under Gameplay > Text Chat, the setting for Auto-Hide is set to On by default. Changing it to Off will indeed keep the text chat panel open, but only until the game is closed. This setting - and it seems only this setting - does not persist between game sessions, and requires manually changing it every time I start the game. I've checked with other folks that I play with, and it's the same for them as well. This issue has been present since at least Black Armory; likely before. As a PC player, that means it's existed since the days of and through into Steam... if it was just a natural issue of a stray vars file not being written on (coincidentally) multiple players' machines, that becomes less likely since it's persisted between two full installs of the game for those same players. Granted, there are likely more important things that need addressed, but perhaps this one is low-enough hanging fruit to be squashed quickly as far as bugs go. And while it's a minor annoyance to simply toggle the setting every time I enter the game, it's an annoyance that shouldn't exist. Thanks for all you do, folks. I love the game. Please fix my broken text chat setting.



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