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11/17/2019 1:17:20 AM

Exotics, anti barrier, overload, unstoppable, mods

So i would really like to see exotic weapons be moddable beyond their catalysts. But more than anything the viability in end game activities against the new enemy types is drastically reduced since in end game you need these new mods to deal with these powerful enemies effectively. So below like the three exotics we have with inate perks ive comprised a list of exotics and what i personally believe should be their natural perk to open up options assuming they dont want to give us modding capabilities, if you want to add your own list please do and why, im basing my choices on preference and how i feel they would best function based on the weapon itself and how it performs. [spoiler]Kinetic. Sweet business: overload Sturm: unstoppable Vigilance wing: overload Rat king: anti barrier Mida multi tool: anti barrier Crimson: overload Jade rabbit: overload Huckleberry: anti barrier Suros regime: overload Cerberus+1: overload Wishender: unstoppable Malfeasance: overload Ace of spades: unstoppable Chaperone: unstoppable Izanagi's burden: unstoppable Last word: overload Arbalest: anti barrier Thorn: anti barrier Outbreak perfected: overload Bad juju: anti barrier Lumina: anti barrier[/spoiler] [spoiler]Energy. Coldheart: anti barrier Fighting lion: unstoppable Sunshot: unstoppable Graviton lance: antibarrier Skyburners oath: overload Riskrunner: overload Borealis: unstoppable Prometheus lens: overload Telesto: unstoppable Polaris lance: anti barrier Trinity ghoul: unstoppable Wavesplitter: overload Lord of wolves: overload Hard light: anti barrier Merciless: overload Jotunn: unstoppable Le monarque: unstoppable Tarrabah: overload[/spoiler] [spoiler]Heavy. Prospector: overload Tractor cannon: unstoppable Legend of acrius: unstoppable Darci: anti barrier Wardcliff coil: overload The colony: anti barrier Worldline zero: anti barrier Sleeper simulant: anti barrier Whisper of the worm: unstoppable One thousand voices: unstoppable Two tailed fox: unstoppable Black talon: overload Queenbreaker: anti barrier Thunderlord: overload Anarchy: overload Truth: unstoppable Deathbringer: unstoppable Xenophage: unstoppable[/spoiler]



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